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Neomi Rhyne

My Story

I'm the girl in the middle with the wide grin. I was such a curious kid with bright-eyed wonder about the world. Over time, the pains of life wore on me, dimming my spirit leaving me discouraged and longing for that joy again. That curiosity coupled with fierce determination set me on a mission to figure out how to rise out of the muck and stay there. It was not an easy journey with a magic "feel better" pill. It was a lot of work. It was very lonely, but it completely changed my life.  I am still growing, and fortunatey I love to learn. I also love to teach what I learn. So here I am sharing my story with the world believing there are others out there who long for guidance and support and desperately long to know they are not alone. 


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That's Jennifer on the inside.
Here's Jennifer on the outside:

 I am a mother of the most wonderful daughter who is currently away at college. I own a real estate firm and have been successful helping both buyers and sellers in the Triangle area of North Carolina. I was a teacher for 10 years prior and have dabbled in a few other things like acting in commercials and flipping houses. I have a bachelor's degree in education and am a certified life coach. I love snuggling kittens, playing tennis and traveling the world. Those adventures to other cultures opened my eyes to vast disparities around the globe and gave me a desire to be part of the solution. I'm starting here locally first trying to create a small ripple that will eventually reach across the seas and leave the planet better than when I arrived. 

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