Don't apologize for your story. 

Pick up the pen

and change the ending.

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I was one of those who got stuck in the feeling bad about the “story” of how my life had gone. I couldn’t seem to move past the disappointment that things had happened to me that I did not choose. I was deeply depressed, full of constant anxiety and struggling with feelings of not being enough. After hitting a place so low I didn’t want to continue living, I decided to pick up the pen and write my own ending. I spent hundreds of hours researching and experimenting with ways to dig myself out until I discovered the formula that worked for me. I will never forget the day I was driving to take my car to the repair shop and suddenly realized “I feel happy again.” As my joy returned, I felt a newfound passion to help others in writing their own story. This is where you come in. I want to share every resource I found, my full story...failure and triumphs alike, in order to help you write a new story. As a coach, we will find the places you are stuck and create a plan to move you forward to live the life you desire.

Meet Jennifer

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Take a peak inside my journey as I write about the stories that changed my life and the lessons I learned from each. 

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